Excerpts of IUI clinic
What is Infertility ?

Infertility means difficulty in conceiving ( becoming pregnant ), despite having regular physical relation without using contraception. There is no definite cut off point to say when a couple is termed as infertile. Many couples take several months to conceive. As a rule, it is worth seeing a Doctor, if you do not conceive within a year of trying.

Who is responsible for Infertility ?

It is not true that only female partner is responsible for Infertility. Out of total 100% , both male and female partners are equally responsible for 40% each, i.e, 40+40= 80% and the rest 20% , cause is unexplained and even then treatment can be successful.

What can cause fertility problem ?

For female :
1) Ovulation problem- Hormonal disorder, PCO (Poly cystic Ovary)
2) Fallopian tube or Uterine problem- Damaged or blocked
3) Endometriosis- womb tissue invades and damages neighbouring tissue
4) Excessive thick cervical mucosa

For male :
1) Low sperm count- Lower count
2) Poor sperm motility- Sperm is unable swim
3) Poor shape- unable to penetrate the egg
4) Azoospermia No sperm in the semen

Clinic Timings :
Monday - Friday, 2pm to 4pm

Our Panel of Doctors
Dr. Biswajit Ghosh ( Mon to Thursday )
M.B.B.S , D.G.O, M.D (O & G ), D.I.C.O.G
Dr. Souren Bhattacharjee ( Friday)
M.B.B.S , D.G.O, FRCOG ( Lond )
Mr. Ananda swarup Basu

MSc ( Biotechnology )
How to manage this problem ?

The cause should be ascertained first by taking thorough history and clinical examinations of both the partners.

Female Infertility: Sometime they need specific tests /investigations eg, Ultrasonography (Transvaginal), HSG (Special type of X-ray with dye) , Leparoscopy, Blood tests etc. They can be treated by simple Ovulation inducing drugs. If it fails, they need assisted conception technique like, IUI ( Intrauterine Insemination ), GIFT (Gamet intrafallopian transfer) , IVF (Invitro fertilization ) etc. Sometimes they need surgery in case of tubal damage, large pelvic tumour etc.

Male Infertility : To ascertain the cause, sometimes they need semen analysis , blood tests etc. It is much more difficult to manage. Rarely medicines are effective. Surgery for varicocele ( engorged testicular vein ) helps to improve sperm count.

Some general advice

If you have not conceived even after one year of unprotected sex with your partner, you should see a specialist as soon as possible, because of the fact that the chance of conceiving gradually goes down over the years. Husband should always accompany his wife to see the specialist.

If you have fertility problem, you should avoid smoking, excess alcohol and caffeine intake and try to control your weight. Female partner should take folic acid to reduce the chance of any congenital spinal cord problem of the baby.