Diabetic Foot Care Clinic
What is Diabetes

It is also commonly known as Diabetes Mellitus, which is characterized by abnormal increase in blood sugar level due to either total lack of production of insulin in the body or non utilization of available insulin in a proper manner. Diabetes are mainly of two types, Type 1 and Type II. In the former there is total lack of production of insulin in the body and affects mainly the younger and is treated only by insulin injections and the latter is due to a combination of insulin resistance and insulin deficiency. Type II Diabetes can be treated with oral medicines, at least initially.
Classical symptoms of Type I Diabetes  
Frequent Urination
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Dr. A K Ojha Mon to Sat 4 pm to 6 pm
Dr. P K Sahana Tue 6 pm to 8 pm
Increased thirst
Voracious appetite
Others Include
Weight loss
Numbness of hand and feet
Sores that are slow to heal etc.
Gangrene of Foot / Toes

Though many people may not have any symptom at all with Diabetes, they may only experience vague symptoms like tiredness, muscle plain etc. Poor control of Diabetes may lead to increase incidence of heart disease, kidney failure, blindness etc. Finding out that you have Diabetes may be scary, but don't be panicky, it is treatable before serious complications set in. By way of these investigations [ VPT (Vibration Perception Thresold) and ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) ] early detection of vascular and neurological problems can be done.